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We mount tires and wheels for atv and utv specific applications. Discount prices on Essex, GBC, InterCo, ITP, Maxxis and STI kits.

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GBC Dirt Commander Kit

Price » $653.00
0 stars
8 ply rated bias tire. Siped tread design. Excellent puncture resistance. Both 12" and 14" wheel size. Smooth riding tire recommended for for all terrain and trails.

GBC Dirt Devil Kit

Price » $562.00
0 stars
Rugged and durable construction. Well balanced features including price, versatility, weight, and performance. 26" - 28" have a 1 1/4" tread depth (XT). 6 ply rating.

GBC Dirt Tamer Kit

Price » $594.00
0 stars
Bold non-directional tread design. Heavy duty 6-ply rated tire. Tread lugs run deep into the sidewall for added protection.

GBC Grim Reaper Kit

Price » $670.00
0 stars
Aggressive tread pattern with deep wrap-around shoulder lugs. 8-ply tire. Fits both 12 and 14 wheels. Center Ridge line for smoth ride.

Gorilla Silverback Kit

Price » $918.00
0 stars
Mud shedding tread design. 6 Ply Rating. Soft tread compound. Gorilla Logo embossed on every tire. 2-1/2" Deep Tread.

InterCo Swamp Lite Kit

Price » $562.00
0 stars
Best in mud, snow and hard pack. Swamp Lite tire has extra deep, multi-stepped lug and aggressive wrap-around tread pattern.

ITP Bajacross Kit

Price » $778.00
0 stars
Proven to handle the toughest and heaviest UTV applications. 8 ply rating and 25% stronger construction. Super deep Rim Guard. Wraparound lugs. Extended life rubber compound.

ITP Mud Lite AT Kit

Price » $572.00
0 stars
ITP Mud Lite AT: 3/4-in. deep lug is a 6-ply mud tire that's designed for the trail. This wheel kit is lighter, tougher and more capable at such a reasonable price.

ITP Mud Lite XL Kit

Price » $637.00
0 stars
Mud Lite XL with extra deep lugs offers cutting edge technology and all around performance in a variety of terrain conditions. One of the lightest mud tires available!

ITP Mudlite XTR Kit

Price » $788.00
0 stars
Mud-Lite XTR (Xtreme Terrain Radial) Kit is like unlike anything else on the market today. ITP XTR kit is available for 12" and 14" diameter wheels.

ITP Terracross Kit

Price » $756.00
0 stars
Ideal for mud, snow and sand, ITP TerraCross kit uses all-new XD Extreme Duty construction. 12-inch sizes are now available. Specially designed 14-inch sizes.

Kenda Bear Claw Kit

Price » $539.00
0 stars
Combination of straight and angled tread bars. Excellent tire for the money. Rim Guard Protectio. Most tire sizes have 0.6" to 0.8" deep tread. 6 Ply Rating.

Kenda Executioner Kit

Price » $583.00
0 stars
Suitable for 4x4 riding terrain. Available in 25" to 27" sizes. 6 ply rating and rim saver edge.

Maxxis Big Horn 2 Kit

Price » $680.00
0 stars
Lightweight version of Big Horn. 6-ply rating, offers durability. Radial construction provides better shock absorption, allowing for a smoother ride.

Maxxis Big Horn Kit

Price » $734.00
0 stars
Radial construction. Suitable for desert, dirt, and rock. Extra lugs protect the sidewall and rim. Raised white lettering on one side.

Maxxis Ceros Kit

Price » $632.00
0 stars
UTV-specific tire, built to handle the extreme abuse. Radial construction for better shock absorption and a smoother ride. Directional, smooth-rolling tread pattern.

Maxxis Zilla Kit

Price » $572.00
0 stars
Extremely lightweight design. Predictable high-speed performance. Durable 6-ply rating. Add Rims to make wheel kit.

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