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    34-9.5-18 EFX Moto Vator

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    SKU: MV-34-95-18
    Sales price: $310.00
    Sales price: $310.00
    Over engineered using the finest manufacturing processes available, the EFX Moto Vator is an exceptional tool for enthusiasts looking for balance between terrain grip and high speed handling
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    Specifically developed for the harsh terrain of today’s UTV race team, the Moto Vator is loaded with cutting edge engineering, improved safety and top notch performance.

    • The Moto Vator is a true radial, steel belted, puncture resistant tire, capable of high speeds on any hard pack surface.
    • Utilizing light truck engineering, the inner and outer bead are steel belted to ensure the smoothest, quietest ride quality on the market.
    • The unique center tread pattern provides a huge contact patch to ensure when you mash your pedal, your machine responds.
    • The elongated shoulder tread improves high and low speed cornering with reduced rolling resistance.
    • Tires are evolving, the Moto Vator is the finest UTV tire you can get for your money, hands down.


    *** Tires only, wheels not included ***

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