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    Gorilla Silverback 12" Wheel Kit

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    Sales price: $814.00
    Sales price: $814.00
    Mud shedding tread design. 6 Ply Rating. Soft tread compound. Gorilla Logo embossed on every tire. 2-1/2" Deep Tread.
    Tire Package:
    Wheel Package:
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    All big wheel kits include:

    • 4 tires (2 Fronts and 2 Rears)
    • 4 wheels (12 or 14 inch depending on the tire size)
    • 4 center caps for the wheels. (Steel wheel caps are only available for 4/110 bolt pattern)
    • 16 matching lug nuts.

    Tires and wheels are mounted to fit your 4 wheeler.

    To the hardcore ATV mud enthusiast looking for the meanest tire, the Gorilla Silverback will answer that call. Gorilla has unveiled the largest and most aggressive tire on the market today.

    • Available in the largest sizes.
    • Features a 2-1/2" Deep Tread, the deepest on the market.
    • Lug Bars wrap all the way to the bead.
    • Self cleaning, mud shedding tread design
    • Gorilla Axle Logo embossed on every tire
    • Soft tread compound
    • 6 Ply Rating
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